Precious metals e-commerce systems


E-commerce System

e-coomerceOur e-commerce system is highly specialized for the precious metals industry. The system consists of a user interface and a back-end administration tool. Each customer can provide their own branding to customize graphics as well as currency options, language options, country specific features to allow licensees to follow local rules and regulations, local GST/VAT rules etc.

The user interface consists of multiple parts such as product listings, product stock inventory notification, detailed product page, automatically updated prices based on the spot price plus a set price premium, charts, vault storage user interface, knowledge central, forum, market page, automatic order status updates etc.

The licensee can use the administration tool to update and analyze most everything on the website. Products, product inventory stock, prices, news, articles etc. are all set by the licensee directly in the user-friendly administration interface. The licensee can generate reports for different time periods and products as well as track where customers are originating from. All this while the daily operations are largely automated. Customer e-mail updates and reminders are e.g. sent out automatically. You would be amazed how much time the administration tool could save you while providing you with tools for business analysis to grow your company.


hostingBullion International leases high performance servers. We run your website on a dedicated server for maximum performance, security and availability. We provide servers for both production sites and test sites for testing new updates before they are deployed to the production environment. The extensive hardware aims to minimize down-time and provide fail-over support in case of any unexpected outage.

Bullion International can manage the client’s domain if the client so desire. If the client opts for this service, the domain will be renewed, maintained and protected by Bullion International. The client can choose to add privacy protection for the domain as well as choose whether to certify the domain with a SSL-certificate.

Bullion International can also set up and maintain an e-mail solution for the client under the customer domain(s).

Other services such as general software updates occurring 3-4 times per year, backup services, disaster recovery and automatic monitoring of key areas of functionality can also be included in the hosting package.

With this strength in webserver hosting, Bullion International can offer one of the most resilient and robust e-commerce platforms in the precious metals industry.

Financial Data

finance_dataBullion International has developed a proprietary tool called the FDS (Financial Data Service). The FDS connects to several sources for precious metal spot prices and currency exchange rates which allow Bullion International to service the user interface and administration tool with updated live prices. The FDS saves all historical data which serves as the foundation for the market analysis page and chart section.

Bullion International realizes the importance of correct data and has therefore integrated a warning and support system to detect any incorrect data. In case of suspicious data, personnel is notified automatically and the FDS is automatically changing to second tier data suppliers.

365/24/7 Services

Support_CenterAround the clock support is available through phone, Skype and instant messaging.

We continuously develop our system to grow stronger together with our partners. General software updates are free under our development plan while any serious bugs or malfunctions are deployed immediately.

We monitor your website when you sleep. By having automatic monitoring for key areas of functionality such as the website being up and running and prices being updated, you can rest assure that your website is always ready to take orders.