Precious metals e-commerce systems

Customer Cases


BullionStar Pte Ltd

BullionStar Pte Ltd is a Singaporean bullion dealer selling precious metals in Singapore. BullionStar launched its operation in January 2013 and quickly established a strong presence on the Singaporean market.

BullionStar was the first client to implement our online storage solution where customers can not only buy precious metals for storage, but can also follow the market development of their portfolios online. Bullion International also developed a trading product called Vault Grams where customers’ can trade fully allocated unsegregated precious metals.

Bullion International’s powerful e-commerce system has made it possible for us to quickly and efficiently establish a strong market presence in Singapore says
Zane Lim, Regional Manager of Operations, BullionStar Pte Ltd


Liberty Silver AB

Liberty Silver is Sweden’s leading online bullion dealer and one of the top three precious metals dealers in Sweden.

Liberty Silver has grown exponentially since launching Bullion International’s trading platform in 2010 while not having to hire any additional employees. The user-friendly e-commerce website generates business and builds trust at the same time. Liberty Silver has become the natural meeting place for people interested in precious metals in Sweden. Users can discuss in the forum, comment the latest news, articles and videos in the Knowledge Central and check the price development in the market section.

We have experienced tremendous growth since launching Bullion International’s online trading platform. Our customers are very appreciative of the one stop solution where they can buy and sell precious metals, find the latest news and chat with others in the forum. While business is growing, the powerful and user-friendly administration interface has actually reduced our administrative work says

Mikael From, CEO Liberty Silver AB.

Liberty Silver_ Singapur

Liberty Silver OÜ

Liberty Silver OÜ is an Estonian precious metals dealer serving customers throughout Europe interested in taking delivery of precious metals in Estonia. The e-commerce system licensed to Liberty Silver OÜ is the first of its kind in the Baltic countries.

As in all of Bullion International’s systems, the licensee’s customer can order products with clear knowledge of the price premiums and delivery times. Automatic e-mail updates are sent to the customer as soon as the payment is received and when the items are available for delivery.

Bullion International has been a reliable and powerful partner in tailoring a solution that fits the Estonian market. With Bullion International’s e-commerce system, we have been able to automate the order process which has allowed us to run our operation in a very cost-efficient manner says

Yury Egorov, CEO Liberty Silver OÜ.