Precious metals e-commerce systems

About Us

About us

Ready to take the next step in the bullion industry? Chances are that we will be able to assist you.

Bullion International Ltd (BI) is a Hong-Kong registered company that was established in 2010. about

BI consists of a dedicated team of architects, developers and graphical designers. BI was the first company worldwide to specialize in customized solutions and trading platforms for bullion dealers.

BI’s proprietary system is developed with the purpose of facilitating for precious metal dealers by automating manual administrative work, by creating a system in which customers can place orders online and by connecting all different parts of the precious metals operation such as product listings, product stock inventory, order handling and customer updates.

BI only works with well-established companies or with companies that are able to demonstrate an overwhelming potential in their marketplace by providing a thorough business and development plan. If you have a proven history of success but are ready to grow further or if you are an outstanding entrepreneur in the bullion industry, we can help you.

We work together with our partners. If you have an outstanding business idea that we believe in, we can customize our business model to get you started.

Contact us if you are interested in our services.